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Things to do when travelling in Perth

Read this post if you’re travelling to Perth, Western Australia! We’ve compiled 5 awesome things for you to do in Perth on your vacation!

If you’re looking for an awesome Australian Instagram account to follow, check out this gem

Worried about travelling to Western Australia? Looking for things to do in Perth? It’s a wonderful destination for travellers. In fact, there’s so much to do and see its hard to decide. That’s why there’s this awesome resource online: 5 things to do on a holiday in Perth.

The Wacky World of Tennis!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll always be on the lookout for the most entertaining and up to date tennis news.  I have a few favourite sites, one of which is the newly established, yet thoroughly concise

What to tell you about it? Well, I could prattle on, back and forth (like a never-ending Djokovic and Murray rally) about all it’s tennis related news and information, but to really get the most from it, you should get on over there yourself and lob a few volleys around!

One item of interest for me, was the article on how to earn yourself a tennis scholarship. Food for thought indeed!

Top sport and football live streaming site reviewed

There are certain feelings you get when you are in a stadium, when you hear your fellow fans cheer and your favourite sport or football stars walk onto the pitch. You feel excited and eager to see how the match unfolds. It is an exciting day for football fans, win or lose, emotions and excitement will be high. For moments like this, if you can’t check in to the game at the stadium, you can check in online. Why miss a game, why miss out on those magical moments?

Online streaming of sport and football matches is getting increasingly popular for this exact reason. Fans love watching their favourite team play. Watching the highlights is not the same as experiencing the game live, when anything can happen at any time.

Live sports and football streaming websites are many, and are reviewed and featured on Social442 TV. This means fans are presented with the best available streams at any point in time.

To watch the best streams available right now for your favourite football teams, visit

If you are getting into football, as Arsenal are the top scoring team so far in the 2016/17 season, they are team to watch for entertainment. You can check the fixture list or watch any team of your choice.

You can get involved, start rating streams and submit new streams for other fans to enjoy. Only the best and reliable streams get featured, and are regularly reviewed to maintain quality.

Never miss a game, never miss a moment and never miss a goal. Get closer to the live action today. Just search for your sport or game and enjoy. To make life easier for you, if you sign up, Social442 sends you email moments before you favourite football club play. This means you don’t even have to search or find a stream. The best streams come directly to you, which you can watch from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Bring the Gym to YOU!

I love working out at the gym, but one thing that bugs me about keeping fit is the time I spend in my car shuttling between the gym and my home or workplace.  It simply feels like a waste of time to me, especially with some of the ludicrous amount of traffic we have here in Melbourne.

The wasted time I spent sitting in a vehicle, coupled with my other bug bear (using gym equipment straight after someone else has sweat all over it!!) prompted me to invest in home gym equipment, and I haven’t looked back since!  No more sweaty handles, no more traffic jams – I just train exactly when and how I want!