Aussie Public Holidays

There are many great reasons to visit Australia; it is such a vast country with so many exciting things to see and do.

To get the most from your travels you should find out what fantastic events are coming up in which areas, and when, and plan your trip around them. On the other hand make sure you are not heading off somewhere when the place is closing down for a few days rest.

To help you plan your travels and to find out all that is going on, there is a great web site packed full of interesting information on holidays in all the states and territories and even down to the local municipal level for two years ahead. has detailed descriptions on every holiday in Australia, its history and a list of things to do during the holiday period. It even has the school holidays for every region!
Whatever you are planning to do and wherever you are planning to go you will find this website a great travelling resource.

Enjoy yourself in Australia!