Become a professional tennis manager – or fake it!!

So, we’ve all seen them – sat there during a tense tennis match, silently willing on their client, obviously wanting the bets for their client, but also daydreaming how they will spend their cut of the spoils when their player lifts the trophy on finals day.

Professional tennis managers – there are loads of them about, ranging from never-heard-of-you-before coaches to the big names stars who used to play the circuit themselves. Over recent years I’ve seen Andy Murray graduate from having his Mum look after him to using tennis legends like Ivan Lendl and more recently Amelie Mauresmo to make sure he is excelling on the court.

So, how do we join this elite band of tennis managers?  Well, we could train super hard and do the hard yards over a number of years and then hope for the best with our new tennis careers…but there might be another way…

How about we bluff our way there? Sure, sounds a little naughty, but it’s just for fun.  I have a pal who now offers fake diplomas and certificates for fun to give people a laugh or add an air of credibility.

I wish these services had been around when I was at sports school!

Ivan & co can get there on merit while I and the others struggling may CONSIDER A FAKE ONE

These fake certificates could be used for classmates or friends struggling in the classroom – a fun and friendly reminder that they’re trying their best and are actually doing well.