Fitting Weight Loss and Fitness Goals In A Busy Lifestyle


Are you trying to lose weight but have a very busy life with work and social commitments? Not to mention the family needs that must be met. It can be hard to think of a special diet when you are cooking for a family and they are used to eating certain foods. My son recently decided to go on a health kickand we all had to move to brown rice. Great for health but it challenged some of the other family members.

It’s important to consider different strategies to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Some of the better personal trainers have supermarket shopping tours that help you to choose the best foods for your diet. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your portions small. Eating more often but in smaller sizes is by far the best option if you are trying to lose weight.

Consider swapping fried food for grilled or steamed. Fish is delicious when grilled with lemon and herbs or steamed with Asian greens like Bok Choy. Mixing your fish with a delicious salad that has a lemon, dash of olive oil and salt and pepper dressing will also give you a delicious and filling meal.

If you find you’re feeling hungry after a meal, munch on a carrot or celery stick to stave off the cravings and always drink lots of water. Not only does water help your weight loss and keep you hydrated, but it is great for your skin, teeth and general health and well being.

Try not to cut one food group out altogether (unless it’s sugar or oil!). You can eat some carbs but you need to keep them at a minimum and eat good carbohydrates that help to fill you up without a lot of empty calories (like you get with white bread).

Avoid sugar and fatty foods as they tend to make you crave more and give you a rush and then a big come down.

Mix your diet goals with a healthy exercise routine.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself, one of the best things about living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is the incredible number of boot camps and personal trainers like the team at Vision PT Randwick. They can help you stay motivated to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.
Walking along the promenade of any of the beaches along the coast you will see many people outdoors exercising in groups and on their own.

Outdoor Exercise on the Sports Coast

There are times when you want some fresh air, in this case consider some of the great outdoor places in the Eastern Suburbs where you can have a lot of fun alone or with family and friends.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Centennial Park:

Bike riding; there are lots of great bike trails that are safe and allow you to really enjoy a long bike ride. You can hire a bike if you don’t own one and there are bikes for more than one person if you take a friend and feel adventurous.

Walking: with so many lovely long paths and ponds to walk around, this enormous park gives you a lot of options when it comes to taking a long and hard walk.

Roller Blading: You can either bring your own or hire them at the park and have a great time roller blading around the smooth tracks.

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Coogee beach:

Wileys Baths, Giles, Mahon Pool: There are so many beach pools and rock pools around Coogee beach, just take your pick. If you feel really adventurous, you can contact the Coogee Surf Club and do their Bronze medallion life saving certificate. You get to run, swim and use the paddle boards. Plus you can then volunteer as a lifesaver and maybe even save a life while staying fit and making lots of new friends.

Beach: there are so many different exercises beyond swimming. Paddle boards and surf skis as well as body boards and the occasional good surf day to take a full surf board out, Coogee beach has it all and is well patrolled if you aren’t a confident swimmer.

Walk the paths from Coogee to Maroubra or Coogee to Bondi:

The path from Coogee to Maroubra goes past the infamous “Stairs of Doom” that will definitely give your workout a serious edge. Start by taking them slowly and then follow them up with a jog around the path.

Walking from Coogee to Bondi beach is one of the longer walks that takes about 1.5 – 2 hours and has a few good hills and stairs to give you a good work out. If you take it at a brisk pace you’ll find you have a good work out. Take the time to do a few stretches and use the benches and playground equipment to do chin ups and step ups to increase the range of muscles that are given good workout.

So, you’ve moved from Australia and are now looking for a Tennis Coach London to work with?  We’ll have an article on the site soon, just for you!

Become a professional tennis manager – or fake it!!

So, we’ve all seen them – sat there during a tense tennis match, silently willing on their client, obviously wanting the bets for their client, but also daydreaming how they will spend their cut of the spoils when their player lifts the trophy on finals day.

Professional tennis managers – there are loads of them about, ranging from never-heard-of-you-before coaches to the big names stars who used to play the circuit themselves. Over recent years I’ve seen Andy Murray graduate from having his Mum look after him to using tennis legends like Ivan Lendl and more recently Amelie Mauresmo to make sure he is excelling on the court.

So, how do we join this elite band of tennis managers?  Well, we could train super hard and do the hard yards over a number of years and then hope for the best with our new tennis careers…but there might be another way…

How about we bluff our way there? Sure, sounds a little naughty, but it’s just for fun.  I have a pal who now offers fake diplomas and certificates for fun to give people a laugh or add an air of credibility.

I wish these services had been around when I was at sports school!

Ivan & co can get there on merit while I and the others struggling may CONSIDER A FAKE ONE

These fake certificates could be used for classmates or friends struggling in the classroom – a fun and friendly reminder that they’re trying their best and are actually doing well.

Scoot to your training session

I imagine many of our readers are enthusiastic sports people who love to keep fit and at the top of their game, so this mode of transport is going to be right up their street.

Commuting to and from work or recreational pursuits is one of the bugbears in my life as sitting in traffic just feels like a complete waste of time and energy so when I can try out a different mode of travel I always do. When that mode of transport is a Folding City Scooter Green you are not just keeping fit but you are also freeing up some time where you won’t be sat in traffic and drumming the steering wheel waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Constructed with high strength stainless steel and polyproylene 140mm rollers, this bad boy is going to get you from A to B in time at all and with the added benefit of adding some extra time to your regular training or exercise program.

Stop Looking, Start Floating & Enjoy Recovering

Can float tanks really help ease physical strains, mental agitation, and emotional distress? Science says yes. So if you have been feeling weighed down from the things happening in your life, or if you want to speed your recovery then floating may be the perfect remedy for you.

Backed by Intensive scientific research

Floating to relieve pain and speed up the healing process may sound like a sham but there has been numerous research made on the benefits of float therapy. In fact, scientists have been studying its effects as  early as the 1950’s!  Deeper scientific investigations are still ongoing to this date.

Research shows that during a floating therapy session, the amygdala  stops and shuts down the brain’s anxiety. It basically achieves the same level of calmness brought about by meditation, which makes it great for who are inexperienced in meditation. However, results are a lot better if you try both yoga and floating.

Physical Benefits

Most of the time, the body just needs proper rest in order to get better. Using float tanks helps the body make up for the much-needed rest. Some of the well-known cases alleviated by floatation therapy are:

Pain relief. Injuries sustained from sports and other strenuous activities recover fast. Those suffering from migraine, rheumatic arthritis and other joint pains get long-lasting relief from pain.

Fast recovery from injury.

Improves blood circulation.

Lowers down blood pressure and erratic pulse  rate.

Makes the skin glow.

Boosts endorphin production.

Mental Relaxation

Brain wave patterns known as Theta waves slows down during a floating therapy session. These brain waves usually occur upon falling asleep or waking up, basically when the brain is most relaxed. Here are more advantages your mind when you are in the sensory attenuation tank:

Acceleration of the synchronization of left and right brain

Mental Clarity.

Helps in managing and overcoming habits, phobias, and addiction.

Lowers anxiety

Alleviates insomnia.

Only Trust the Experts

Float therapy is a great holistic treatment when it is handled by an expert. There are some rules to remember when getting into a float tank, especially if you have never been used one before. Not following the do’s and don’t may reduce the effectivity of the whole experience, and may even cause some negative effects. Only a proper floating tank should be used for the sessions. So if you want to try out floating, make sure that you are going to the right flotation centre in Melbourne.

The Career of Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time and a look back at his career to date, shows why.

In the lead up to the 2016 US Open, the Serbian had 12 Grand Slam titles to his name and was the official world number one on the ATP Tour. At the time of writing, Djokovic has the held the world number one ranking for 213 weeks and is the fourth most successful player in the history of the sport, at Grand Slam events.

Djokovic started his career as a member of the Yugoslav national team at junior level and represented his country at the junior Davis Cup, reaching the final in 2001. However, Djokovic failed to win a junior Grand Slam title, with his best record coming at the Australian Open, reaching the semi-final in 2004.

Having turned professional in 2003, Djokovic played mainly Challenger and Futures events before participating in his first Grand Slam, at the 2005 Australian Open. He was defeated by Marat Safin in the first round, without winning a set. That being said, during the same year, Djokovic went on to reach the third round of both Wimbledon and the US Open and qualified for two Masters events.

The following year saw a major breakthrough in Djokovic’s career, as the Serbian broke in to the world top 40 and reached the quarter-final of the French Open. Following the 2006 Wimbledon tournament, Djokovic won his first ATP Tour title at the Dutch Open and moved in to the world top 20. In 2007, Djokovic continued to progress, reaching his first Masters final, winning at Key Biscayne, however, it was at the Rogers Cup where he really placed his first stamp of authority on the ATP Tour, defeating the top three players in the world, to claim the title. Djokovic went on to reach the US Open final that year, his best performance at a Grand Slam.

Djokovic went one better at the start of 2008, winning the Australian Open, his first Grand Slam title but failed to win any of the other Grand Slams that year. The following year, Djokovic won five titles but none of them were Grand Slams and the same happened in 2010, when his best performance was reaching the final of the US Open. However, 2011 was a real sign of what was to come, as Djokovic won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Djokovic also reached world number one status and it was declared as one of the best years of tennis ever seen, by an individual player.

2011 was the year Djokovic took control at the top of the world game, with Masters and major titles to follow in every year since. However, 2016 will be a year Djokovic will always remember, as he completed the career Grand Slam, by winning the French Open. Interesting how, the first major quarter-final Djokovic ever reached, was at the French Open, yet it was the one title he has struggled to win ever since.

There can be no doubt, Djokovic is one of the greatest tennis players on the history of the sport. The question is, what more does he have in store for us, in the latter stages of his career?  Check out this sport lovers website for more tennis info.