Scoot to your training session

I imagine many of our readers are enthusiastic sports people who love to keep fit and at the top of their game, so this mode of transport is going to be right up their street.

Commuting to and from work or recreational pursuits is one of the bugbears in my life as sitting in traffic just feels like a complete waste of time and energy so when I can try out a different mode of travel I always do. When that mode of transport is a Folding City Scooter Green you are not just keeping fit but you are also freeing up some time where you won’t be sat in traffic and drumming the steering wheel waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Constructed with high strength stainless steel and polyproylene 140mm rollers, this bad boy is going to get you from A to B in time at all and with the added benefit of adding some extra time to your regular training or exercise program.