Stop Looking, Start Floating & Enjoy Recovering

Can float tanks really help ease physical strains, mental agitation, and emotional distress? Science says yes. So if you have been feeling weighed down from the things happening in your life, or if you want to speed your recovery then floating may be the perfect remedy for you.

Backed by Intensive scientific research

Floating to relieve pain and speed up the healing process may sound like a sham but there has been numerous research made on the benefits of float therapy. In fact, scientists have been studying its effects as  early as the 1950’s!  Deeper scientific investigations are still ongoing to this date.

Research shows that during a floating therapy session, the amygdala  stops and shuts down the brain’s anxiety. It basically achieves the same level of calmness brought about by meditation, which makes it great for who are inexperienced in meditation. However, results are a lot better if you try both yoga and floating.

Physical Benefits

Most of the time, the body just needs proper rest in order to get better. Using float tanks helps the body make up for the much-needed rest. Some of the well-known cases alleviated by floatation therapy are:

Pain relief. Injuries sustained from sports and other strenuous activities recover fast. Those suffering from migraine, rheumatic arthritis and other joint pains get long-lasting relief from pain.

Fast recovery from injury.

Improves blood circulation.

Lowers down blood pressure and erratic pulse  rate.

Makes the skin glow.

Boosts endorphin production.

Mental Relaxation

Brain wave patterns known as Theta waves slows down during a floating therapy session. These brain waves usually occur upon falling asleep or waking up, basically when the brain is most relaxed. Here are more advantages your mind when you are in the sensory attenuation tank:

Acceleration of the synchronization of left and right brain

Mental Clarity.

Helps in managing and overcoming habits, phobias, and addiction.

Lowers anxiety

Alleviates insomnia.

Only Trust the Experts

Float therapy is a great holistic treatment when it is handled by an expert. There are some rules to remember when getting into a float tank, especially if you have never been used one before. Not following the do’s and don’t may reduce the effectivity of the whole experience, and may even cause some negative effects. Only a proper floating tank should be used for the sessions. So if you want to try out floating, make sure that you are going to the right flotation centre in Melbourne.