Tennis Travelling

There may be many reasons to travel with a tennis racket in your baggage. If you are an active player, you will want to practice your game even while on holiday. Or maybe you can only play indoors at home, and your holiday destination allows outdoor playing at last.
Another good idea for those who are keen to improve their game is to take part in tennis clinics or camps. Experienced coaches will tell you that you will make better progress having 5 1-hour tennis instruction sessions during a week, compared to 10 lessons over a 10 week period!

If you travel just to watch tennis games, then you are in a different category. You like to watch the tennis superstars competing for ATP and WTA points. That is great fun, and so much more interesting than watching them on TV. Also, as a tennis fan you can combine other interests with a visit to the next ATP event. Those tennis tournaments are often held at locations with great touristic value, which allows you to satisfy your cultural interests as well as watching your favorite tennis player playing a live match.

Here is another intersting aspect: if you have been watching tennis players close-up in a competition, you will have picked up many details about their game, more than you would have on TV. You may want to place a bet on the next game, using the additional info you now have to make a little profit. This is a great way to lower your overall travel expenses. The more of a tennis expert you are, the more lucrative betting on tennis events can become.

We have also found a great site on the topic of tennis betting here. The webmaster is a former high-level player and professional tennis coach. The articles on that site contain invaluable info both for tennis bettors and the improvement of your own game. You will never look at a tennis match the same way!