Turning Tennis Into a Tool for the Growth and Happiness of Our Children

Most athletes, coaches and even the fans come to associate their sport simply through the lens of either achieving victory or being dealt a defeat, but sports is so much more than those two polarizing ends.

While victory and defeat are indeed part and parcel of every competition, it hardly sums up why most people take part in sports. At its core, it is a game that is as enjoyable as it is competitive, playing with friends and close ones often is more fun than anything else.
One organization that looks to turn the sport of tennis into something far more than a sport, is “Srndpty”, their main goal is to afford children the happiness and healthy lifestyle through the use of tennis, and their aim is to become the leading competence center world wide concerning tennis activities for children under the age of 13.

So, if you need you’re looking for a new activity for your youth tennis enthusiast then give Srndpty a look.

Find the lighter side of tennis in this YouTube channel named Tennis Life. It’s by two former pro tennis players showing off the aspects of tennis you don’t see too often on TV. Great fun viewing! Click here to check it out!